We specialise in detailed paddock and production planning based on detailed understanding of our clients, their paddocks and logistical capacity.   

Agronomy services include:


Specialised paddock and production planning

Factors limiting production and profit are identified and managed within budget constraints. Risk profiles are determined on a paddock, soil type and enterprise basis with strategies developed for various seasonal conditions. 


In-field agronomy

Regular paddock monitoring is undertaken throughout the growing season. This can be both on farm and utilising the latest technologies. 


Paddock record keeping

Advice and recommendations are provided using platforms that allow easy data recording and verification of inputs for owner operators, corporate and international investors. 


Plant nutrition

Crop and pasture nutrition strategies are developed combining the latest sampling practices, fertiliser technologies and logistic capabilities of each business. Strategies are continuously monitored and field tested. Fertiliser contract negotiations conducted on your behalf. Variable nutrition packages can be implemented to automate the application of inputs Link to VRT


Soil management

Inputs are managed according to soil type including the diagnosis of soil constraints and selection of the most cost effective soil amelioration strategies. Soil Agronomy strategies post amelioration aim minimise risk, such as poor plant establishment, wind erosion, poor trafficability, and capitalise on increased moisture and nutrient availability to increase profit.