Farm Management Consulting

“The business of farming”

Farm businesses with the most favourable long term prospects achieve robust results regardless of seasonal conditions and commodity prices.  Our experienced consultants leverage strengths and remedy weaknesses to improve business performance and reduce risk. 


Our focus is to maximise returns on funds invested. Strategies to achieve low break-even yields include production strategies from the client’s agronomist and grain marketer to ensure comprehensive plans for each farming season. 


Business health is tracked using key performance indicators to assess progress based on the characteristics and constraints of the business itself. 


Farm management consulting services include: 


Annual financial & productivity analysis

 Understanding of long term results and variability. Improved results with lower risk.  Maximum return on funds employed.  


Property acquisition, lease and share farm

Leverage from strengths and remedy weaknesses.  Improved results with lower risk.  Maximum return on funds employed is our focus.



Negotiation of the most cost-effective finance facilities, interest rates, terms and conditions.  


Machinery replacement 

Fitness for purpose, timeliness and reliability at an appropriate depreciation cost per hectare. 


Succession planning   

Practical, workable recommendations for all parties with provision for retired and non-farming heirs to facilitate seamless inter-generational change.


Matrimonial breakdown 

Support, understanding and development of sensible and reasonable terms of settlement, preferably out of court, saving time, money and stress.