Precision Agriculture VRT

“We assist you to successfully apply precision agriculture technologies”

Agrarian Management are WA’s recognised leaders in the automated allocation of cropping inputs according to soil water-holding capacity. Agrarian’s pioneering research has resulted in the convergence of technologies including yield mapping, EM38, radiometrics and yield modelling to design, implement and manage variable rate farming systems. 


No matter what machinery brand or combinations of machinery there is a precision agriculture solution.

Precision agriculture services include:


Data management

Consistent paddock boundaries are the foundation for all precision agriculture technologies. Organising your GPS guidance set up files to be consistent across all operations will aid the effortless transfer of data in and out. 


Yield mapping

Yield maps are the report card at the end of the season. We provide a yield mapping service to produce clean yield maps that can be used as a base layer for developing a variable rate input strategy specific to soil type. Using one of our partner platforms maps can be available to take into the field for paddock scouting. 


Variable rate technology

Placing the right input in the right place is the aim of variable rate programs. Using a range of data including yield, biomass imagery (NDVI), electromagnetics, gamma radiometrics, soil tests, together with historical knowledge of paddock performance we will define management zones. Prescription maps can be generated for variable rate inputs, like seed, fertiliser, herbicides or soil ameliorants for any controller variable rate ready.  


On-farm trial design and analysis

On-farm trials test new products and validate management strategies. We design statistically valid trials and assist with implementation and data collection and provide a report summarising results and recommendations.


In-season crop monitoring

Satellite imagery is a useful tool to monitor crops in season and can be used to compare to yield to diagnose soil types and constraints. We use a variety of precision ag platforms to take data such as soil test data, yield or NDVI maps into the field for ground truthing. 



Getting a map is the easy part of precision agriculture. We offer support to take that map and upload it to the machine to apply inputs based on good agronomy. By working closely with local dealers and a national network of precision ag providers it is possible to troubleshoot any technical challenge.